Hongqi Background

Hongqi is a Chinese automotive brand that specializes in luxury vehicles. The name "Hongqi" means "red flag" in Chinese. The Brand was established in 1958 and is owned by the FAW Group Corporation, a Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company. Hongqi has a long history of producing cars for Chinese government officials, and it is often used for important events and ceremonies. The brand has also expanded into the consumer market, offering a range of luxury sedans and SUVs. Hongqi's flagship model is the L5, a large sedan that is often used as a state car by Chinese officials.

In recent years, Hongqi has been increasing its international presence, with plans to expand into markets such as Europe and North America. The brand has also been investing heavily in research and development, with a focus on developing electric and autonomous vehicles.

Hongqi Models

Name Production Price (USD)
L5 2013 760,000
H5 2017 23,100-30,230
HS5 2019 27,100-36,800
H9 2020 45,500-79,300
E-HS9 2020 80,000-110,000

* prices are in China