HAVAL Motors

Haval is a brand of SUVs owned by the Chinese automobile manufacturer Great Wall Motors (GWM). The Brand was launched in 2013, and it has quickly become one of the most popular SUV brands in China.

Haval offers a wide range of SUV models, including compact, midsize, and full-size SUVs. The company's SUV lineup includes the Jolion, Dargo, M6, H5, H6, H6S/H6GT, F7/F7x, Xiaolong, H9. Haval is known for producing SUVs that are stylish, well-equipped, and offer good value for money. Haval has been investing heavily in research and development to improve the technology and safety features of its SUVs. The company has also been focusing on the development of electric and hybrid SUVs, and it aims to have a 50% share of its sales from new energy vehicles by 2025.

Haval Models

Name Production Price* (USD)
Haval Jolion 2020 12,820-16,560
Haval Red Rabbit (Chitu) 2021 11,366-13,186
Haval Divine Beast (Shenshou) 2021 -
Haval Big Dog (Dargo) 2022 16,670-19,860
Haval Big Dog X (Dargo X) 2023 17,300-21,000
Haval Cool Dog 2022 -
Haval H5 2023 -
Haval H5 2020 -
Haval H6 2020 -
Haval H6S/H6GT 2021 -
Haval M6 2021 -
Haval F7/F7x 2021 -
Haval Xiaolong Max 2023 18,300-19,600
Haval H9 2022 30,420-33,320

* prices are in China